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Thread: Four limitaions / shortcommings / bugs - Help!!

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    Default Four limitaions / shortcommings / bugs - Help!!

    I've been using kettle for about a week, so I'm hoping I'm missing something simple here

    I've ran across four limitaions / shortcommings / bugs I'm hoping someone might be able to give some insight on.

    1) Database lookup fails when looking up integer fields on dBase database (connected via OBDC). The lookup works find on string fields, however it always fails on integer fields.

    2) MINOR: I recieve an AutoCommit error when connected to dBase databases (via ODBC). Everything *seems* to work, so this is minor, thought I'd share it never the less.

    3) Database Join can't use [environment] variables in SQL. This is very limiting, is would be great to allow the join to parse the variables just like the Table Input does (e.g. ${TABLENAME}).

    4) Can't use [environment] variable for Lookup Table name if 'Load all data from table' checkbox is checked.

    Kettle seems like a great tool, hopefully someone in the community has some insight to the latter problems I've ran into


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    3) would be nice to have ... you can raise a JIRA for it. Same problems with non defined variables would happen, but that's only the same as with table input.

    4) already works on table name and schema name... on fields it doesn't make sense probably.

    1) and 2) are probably driver problems, not PDI. No that long ago I used integer database lookup on Oracle and that worked fine. It doesn't stop you from raising a JIRA for it of course.


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