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Thread: please suggest me ::ASAP

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    Default please suggest me ::ASAP

    I am a newbie to Pentaho and need some help in pentaho. I have a couple of main requirements really need to know if Pentaho is the right tool or if someone has something that might actually be a better solution.

    • I am planning to do Data Integration from MS SQL SERVER to MY SQL.As per my requirement I need to compare, lookup the data.I required to use expressions also some times. I did not find any expression transformation in Pentaho other than Calculator.
    • In initial Testing phase I am unable to perform the Target look ups by using Pentaho.

    Please suggest me that is pentaho can suits for my requirement or not and also about lookup and expression transformations in Pentaho.


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    Asking whether there's something better than pentaho on a pentaho forum ... cool
    Try talend for a couple of weeks, and then come back

    With enough time and money you can make any tool do anything. No tool is better in all cases, some things work better in some tools while others work better in other tools. If you need to hire external people to get your jobs done, it's usually a question whether resources skilled in the tool are available locally (still one of the main reasons a lot of DataStage, OWB, ... projects are going on).

    There was/is an expression step in PDI but it's kind of experimental I think. You can do any transformation you want with the javascript step.

    For the target lookups... what error do you get? First hunch would be that you're not using it the way you should


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    Default Thq sboden

    Hi Sboden,

    I am sorry if i hurt any body in this forum.I am looking for information about tools which can help me to do my job in smoother way.Right know i am using Pentaho but i am a newbie so may be i dont no much about the tool and features.
    So,please provide me the more information about look ups and Expression.


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    There's not a lot you can explain further on lookups and expressions, unless you specific strange behavior or error messages

    Have a look at and start e.g. with the movies and the kettle tutorial.

    An expression step is not in the default installation. It is available as extra plugin at more specifically for v3 at

    For lookups, there are several (described in the tips pages under the docs directory in your installation): stream lookup to lookup from memory (where you can decide for yourself where the data will come from), database join and database lookup to lookup data from a database (database join being the more flexible).


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