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Thread: OK ... I'm slow (and still hunting for the best way to pass a connection)

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    Default OK ... I'm slow (and still hunting for the best way to pass a connection)

    What is the best (simplest) way to select a connection name from a table and the use that connection in a transformation downstream? Would I be better off to store the parameters to use a generic connection?

    (the databases are potentially different DBMS)

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    Hi dogfuel,

    I would suggest to use a shared file for your DB connections. So you can use anywhere a specific connection name (it can not given mutable). In the shared file you can use options and DBMS type of your choice. (Shared file is specified on Miscellaneous tab of transformation settings and Log tag of job settings.) The shared file is saved when transformation or job is saved.
    You can use multiple shared files to manage different connections and choose one before starting PDI - also ideal for separate test and production system settings.

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