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Thread: Variables stop working?

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    Default Variables stop working?

    All of the sudden my variables have stopped working. I'm not sure what the problem is. All I did was change a connection - now the transformation is no longer passing a variable that it has been for weeks.

    Anybody ever encounter anything similar?

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    My guess would be that somehow the connection to your shared connections is lost and it's using the ones copied in the transformation.


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    I just ran into a similar problem. I have job w/multiple xforms in which I set a "Steps Run" variable to allow me to evaluate that the job ran all steps successfully before zipping and archiving the data file. The "Step Run?" variable in each xform gets set to "Y" when the xform runs as the job processes the first file in the directory but after the first file is processed and archived the job picks up the next file all my "Steps Run?" variables do not appear to get reset and so the job picks the second file in the directory, runs the first transform and evaluates all steps as being run and zips the file after the first xform runs making it unavailable to the subsequent transforms in the job. This same job works fine in V 2.5. ????

    Any ideas how I can insure the variables get reset properly when the job picks up the next file for processing?

    Any help is greatly apprectiated!


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