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Thread: UTF encoding issues and oracle

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    Default UTF encoding issues and oracle


    I have an input file with a character 233 coming in - which is an e acute in most western character sets.

    I'm loading this into oracle via a CSV file, and that file is saved as UTF-8.

    However apparently oracle wont accept characters above a certain limit (possibly 195) as valid UTF8. So these characters fail to get into the db. Above this limit oracle expects multi byte representations of characters. (Supposedly)

    So; Other than doing a string replace of that specific character (no others have come up so far) is there any other solution? has anyone come across anything like this before?

    The problem seems to be related to issues where the input files have been saved incorrectly at some point in the past - i.e. not as UTF-8, but are UTF-8 or claim to be now. We've had this problem in several independant areas. I have no control over the input files.


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    One of my favorite oracle areas ... it all depends in which character set your database instance is running... if it's running AL32UTF8 (or similar) there's no problem. If you're running W8ISO8859P1/P15 (or some other locale) you will have problems.

    In the oracle documentation there's something as "globalization guide" which describes all possibilities in detail.... bit it's sometimes written as a lawyer text


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