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    Default Cpu 100%

    Hi I just used Kettle to run a complex (about 60 steps) transformation with 600K records that took over three hours.

    During execution CPU usage was 100% (I guess thats ok)
    Transaction ended successfully, everything went fine but CPU usage was still 100%.

    Why is CPU usage still 100% after the transformation ended?

    Thank you

    João Campos

    (I attached a thread dump. OS is Vista, Java is 1.6.0_05)
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    There are several timers waiting... So maybe there is a deadlock? You can find out with jconsole (threads tab), but you have to start the JVM with JMX enabled (modify the .bat file).
    BTW: You can update to Java 1.6.0_10.
    (I had problems with unstable JVM on Vista in older 1.6.0_xx, too. But unstable does not mean 100% CPU...)

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