I'm new using Mondrian and I have some issues concerning the Pie chart. I have modified the "testpage.jsp" to display my cubes. Everything works fine except for the Pie Chart component.

In the Pentaho BI suite examples, the pie charts diplays values in the labels but I don't find how to do so in my case.

I know that I can change the properties of the chart like this:

        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="chartType" value="${chart_type}"/>
        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="chartWidth" value="${chart_width}"/>
        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="chartHeight" value="${chart_height}"/>
        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="tickLabelRotate" value="${chart_label_rot}"/>
        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="legendPosition" value="${chart_legend_pos}"/>
        <c:set target="${chart01}" property="showSlicer" value="false"/>
But I haven't find anything to change the pie chart to 3D and/or to display the values in labels.
Refering to "pieChart.xml" of the Pentaho samples I can set theses properties by specifying this in the xml
  <slice>Executive Management</slice>
Is there any way I can set these from my ChartComponent???