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Thread: Publishing a transformation to the BI server...

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    Default Publishing a transformation to the BI server... this possible? I've seen two examples in the demo but I don't know how to publish my own transformations to the server. I've worked with the reporting component so far, and there is a very comfortable function to publish the reports, but how do I do this in kettle?

    The transformation itself is quite simple, I just want to read some data from a database and deliver an Excel file to the user, so the task includes only 2 steps and one node.

    I've surfed through the examples and wiki articles and the only thing I found is an article about how to user data from the BI server, not how to publish a transformation to the server...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Publishing a transformation to the BI server...

    you can find simple example which should help you at


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    I have the same problem as the above. I used PDI to create a transformation (get data from many databases). Now, I want to publish this .ktr file to BI Server and use it as one kind of data source in analysis reporting. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance

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