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Thread: Pentaho Data Integration and Change Data Feature.

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    Default Pentaho Data Integration and Change Data Feature.


    I would like to know if Pentaho Data Integration has a "Change Data Feature" which allows to handle data in real times?
    If yes, how can i use it?
    If not, is this feature in the roadmap of Pentaho Data Integration?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    You're mixing things I think.

    If you mean change data capture, it's not in. No short term plans to put it in I think, it depends totally on the database so for every type of database something would have to be written. A poor men's CCD is in using the merge row step functionality.

    Real time functionality.... currently not in, there is a JIRA for I think. Processing data via JMS e.g. Definition of real time is a bit vague of course: if you run a job via crontab every 5 minutes (or every time the previous instance stops), is it real-time or not?


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    Yes its not "Change Data Feature" but "Change Data Capture".

    I ask this because i saw that Talend has the CDC feature for some Databases ( oracle, mysql, etc..).

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Talend CDC is just a set of triggers that copy the data to temporary tables when it changes.
    It's not really CDC, just a bit of marketing. Anyone can deploy those on a source database.

    I don't really have a problem with that, you can do that with any ETL tool (including Kettle), but it's actually just an optimization of the data retrieval process (made incremental) at the expensive of the source system.

    Real CDC systems in the classical sense of the word use the database log files to see what got changed to allow for example near instantaneous database replication, etc.
    Those log files use with the exception of MySQL highly proprietary formats. This is why these "log sniffers" are usually prohibitively expensive and never open source.


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    Thanks very much for your answers.

    I have a better understanding!

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