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Thread: Dimension lookup/update

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    Default Dimension lookup/update

    In dimension lookup/update,I tried to update my dimension table.But I'm getting the following error

    Error inserting 'unknown' row in dimension [TEST_DM] : insert into TEST_DM(BRAND_DM_KEY, version) values (0, 1).

    My dimension table contains the following field.

    brand_dm_key(pk),brand_name,code,Abbreviation_lbl ,all columns are not null.

    I created the columns version,date_from and date_to fields.

    How to overcome these errors.

    please help me ASAP


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    You miss a version column apparently... and you can insert the "0 row" yourself upfront. The 0 row (1 row in some databases) is used to indicate unknown values. PDI won't insert/change the 0 row if it already exists.

    Look at e.g.

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    What exactly did you try? Since you have several fields with not-null requirements, Kettle isn't going to be able to insert the unknown record itself. You need to do that.
    Once you have inserted this record, if you are still getting an error, please run a very small testcase in debugging log level and post the relevant section of the log.

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