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Thread: Oracle Sequence

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    Default Oracle Sequence

    HI all,

    I'm trying out Kettle from Pentaho. I usually use Informatica Powercenter for ETL but why not use Open Source for a change.

    I've got some problem with the transform Add Sequence. I want to use my oracle seq but when i fill in de fields en run the job i get a message:

    2008/11/13 17:16:30 - Table output Mapping.0 - ERROR (version 3.1.0, build 826 from 2008/09/30 12:32:36) : Couldn't find field <field> in row!

    I know that in de sequence transform the field Name of value is the problem. But what the heck should I fill in here? Tried somethings but that didn't help!


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    Ruud, I guess you can pick any name you like. Usually the one you want to put in the database table I guess.
    If you mouse over a step and hit the space bar you see the fields in the output.


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    Default check the name

    I'm just using this same transformation and i have no problem with this.

    i fill in "name of value" the name of the target column in the database

    in "sequence name " the name of the existing sequence in my Oracle database.

    That's it....

    Try checking this.... maybe you didn't fill the "name of value"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattCasters View Post
    If you mouse over a step and hit the space bar you see the fields in the output.
    Wow. That's a crazy hidden shortcut. Never knew about it.

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