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Thread: Passing environment variables, take 3

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    Default Passing environment variables, take 3

    I found two threads asking about how to pass environment variables via a kitchen command line entry. The are:


    Both end in confusing posts that don't answer the question.

    How do you pass environment variables to a repository transform from a kitchen command line or kitchen file in unix?

    We run our ETL currently via pl/sql scripts and execute the jobs in a .ksh file like this:

    sqlplus $MBI_DATA_MART @/apps/scripts/Monthly/addr_ids_on_contract_dw $MONYY

    Where $MONYY is a parameter passed into the sql script. The value is like SEP08.

    We're re-writing all of pl/sql ETL into PDI. As other users have found, setting ${MONYY} in spoon for testing is easy, but how do we set it when running the job via kitchen from the unix command line?


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    - Change the kitchen script with additional -D arguments to pass arguments
    - Pass positional arguments to kitchen which you can then retrieve via "get system info" step ... then they won't be variables yet, but you can use "set variable step" or javascript to set up the variables (in an extra transformation).

    - Combinations ... you can pass e.g. configuration file name to kitchen as argument, read the file, set the variables with an extra transformation and then execute your real functioniality.

    Also still open is


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