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Thread: update step with null values in lookup columns

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    Default update step with null values in lookup columns

    I have a situation where i have to update a table based on a lookup which includes a column which has null values in it. What i am doing right now is that i am typecasting the source columns with a nvl function to produce a 0 if the value is null, but in the update step i cant do a nvl on the target table columns. This means that the lookup fails.

    I tried to circumvent this problem by using a sql step but for a 100,000 row size this isnt feasible.

    Any ideas on how to circumvent this problem?

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    Default similar prob

    have a table with about 12 columns. need to update the value in each column with data from several lookup tables. what do i do??

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    Pick a random thread ... call it similar... and hijack it Try again

    1 hint: you need to get all of your lookup data in the input row before you hit the insert/update step.

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