Hallo to everyone,
i'm new here and i'm quite new to Pentaho Platform. I'm using Pentaho with Liferay and a MySql Database.
I've a big problem: I've 2 portlet:

- First portlet is a filter-portlet, containing the following fields:
1. A list of clients taken from the database
2. A list of xaction (each xaction creates a Report) taken from the database
3. A list of years.
4. A list of output formats (pdf, html, etc.)

- Second portlet is a view-portlet.

User chooses a parameter of each field of the filter-portlet, and clicks on "Execute".
View Portlet shows the report linked to the chosen xaction in the chosen format.

Now... i did this creating an xaction calling a parametrical xaction. Filter Portlet passes the chosen xaction name to the first xaction ( a kind of "router" if i can use this word) which execute the second xaction (that one chosen by the user). This xaction takes values from the database and create the Report.

Now i've a problem with the connection pool. And i need your help: it seems that after a number of executions (the maxActive number into the pentaho.xml file), the pool has no more connections. So it seems that the connections are not released after each execution and all the following executions crash. Called exception is the SQLNestedException.
Is there a way to tell a portlet to release the connection after the database-quering or i've to modify the code of FIlter-Portlet class?

Please Help me