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Thread: BLOB to file

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    Default BLOB to file

    I found the sample
    General - Load images and store into database table.ktr
    and it works great,
    but I need the other way round.

    I found the way to write the file with a 'text file output'-step but there is alway a 'new line' at the end. That's OK for XML but not for binary data.

    So can anybody help me to extract BLOBs into files.
    I guess it must be in a Javascript-step like the sample but my Java is so pur...

    thanks in advance!

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    It's an old link:

    hope it helps

    Stefano Bonnin
    Comai Torino Srl

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    ooops sorry it's your example...

    sorry again

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    Something like this:

    var tmpFile = new;  
    var file = new"/tmp/"/+tmpFile.getName());  
    var fileOutputStream = new;
    fileOutputStream.write(content.getBytes(), 0, content.getBytes().length);

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    Cool! Sometimes things can be so easy!
    Thanks a lot!

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