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Thread: 3.1 hangs when stopping tranformation preview?

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    Default 3.1 hangs when stopping tranformation preview?

    Hello all,

    I'm using Kettle 3.1GA under Windows Server 2003.

    I notice that quite some times it just hangs up when I try to preview one step, get the results (e.g. 100 rows), and then try to stop the preview.

    The only solution seems to be closing Kettle with a core dump and restart it.

    Have anyone noticed the same behaviour? Any solution to it?



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    Are you reading from a large table by any chance?
    I've noticed similar behavior on MySQL when you have to wait for the database to kill the running query.
    This is normally a split second operation but I noticed that MySQL sometimes just keeps running in the background causing problems for the GUI refresh.

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    Not really, the query currently retrieves 901 records. I'm working with an Oracle 10g DB behind.

    I've noticed that if I use the "get more records" option once or twice and then try to stop the preview, it works ok; but most of the times with the 1st preview, if I try to stop it, it hangs up.



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