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Thread: How to make database connection configurable?

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    Default How to make database connection configurable?

    I am using kettle to create etl.

    then that transformation file is to be exceuted through xaction as it ha to be scheduled to run automatically at specific time.

    In kettle if i use jndi connection then the problem is that Pooling options dont work ..

    but if jdbc is used then pooling options work..

    So i have to use jdbc connection as i want pooling options to use multiple connections to single data source..

    Now the problem is that if jdbc is used then it is fixed..

    I knwo i can specify it in available in simplejndi dir of kettle directory.

    But the transformation is to rum through xaction on pentaho server.

    So i want a option to provide configurable database connection to the kettle transformation through xaction or through any file avaialble to configure pentaho server..

    Second problem is that Is there a way to pass variables for database connection to the kkettle transformation from the xaction...

    May be it can be from xml file with get data from available in xaction ...

    Plz help...i hope i m able to explain the problem...

    Thanx in advance..

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Just to make sure I understand, are you saying that if you configure a JNDI connection on the Pentaho server with connection pooling and everything that Kettle doesn't take advantage of the multiple connections?

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    yes thats what i m saying.. Kettle doesnot create multiple connections with connection pooling with jndi.

    and pentaho server supports it with jndi... Now i want a common way with both pentaho server(to execute transformations) and kettle(while developing etls) for multiple connections with pooling and I want to make it configurable, means change for database url,database,port,username etc. etc. could be done at single place to be effective in both kettle and pentaho server..
    Plz help

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