I want to show at least one (or All) property of "Nombres" Level from "Nombres Dimension". If I use [Nombres].[Todos los Nombres].Children it only show the "user_id".

I have the following QUERY

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[Mis_Apellidos] AS 'Nombres
SELECT { [Rendiciones] } ON COLUMNS,
 {[Measures].[Mis_Apellidos]}  ON ROWS
FROM Evaluaciones4
And the Schema

<Dimension name="Nombres">
	<Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="Todos los nombres" primaryKey="user_id">
		<Table name="user"/>
		<Level name="Nombres" column="user_id" type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="true">
				<Property name="Apellido" column="lastname" />
				<Property name="Nombre" column="firstname" />
				<Property name="Genero" column="gender"/>
				<Property name="Region" column="area"/>
				<Property name="Tiempo Navegación" column="sys_total_time"/>

<Cube name="Evaluaciones4">
	<Table name="exercises" />
	<DimensionUsage name="Nombres" source="Nombres" foreignKey="user_id"/>
	<Dimension name="Rendiciones" foreignKey="user_id">
		<Hierarchy hasAll="true" allMemberName="Todas las notas" primaryKey="user_id">
			<Table name="exercises"/>	
			<Level name="course_code" column="course_code" type="String" uniqueMembers="true">
				<Property name="Titulo" column="title"/>
			<Level name="Rendiciones" column="title" type="String" uniqueMembers="true"/>
			<Level name="Intentos" column="attemp" type="String" uiqueMeberes="false" />
	<Measure name="Resultado" column="score" aggregator="max"/>
And the error
#ERR: mondrian.olap.fun.MondrianEvaluationException: Property 'Apellido' is not valid for member '[Nombres].[Todos los nombres]'
On Mondrian OLAP Cube

What I am doing wrong? How I show Apellido, Nombre, Genero, etc properties from the query or the schema and not form the control of the JPivot controls?

Thanks for reading