There are several mentions of competitors of Pentaho in this thread ... as a user of commercially supported and os Jasper and Pentaho over the last few years, I have a slightly different vantage ...

Jasper is a competitor of Pentaho's reporting and rolap offering (and slightly more refined) but it is only a competitor as monolithic, centralized BI tool – in this space neither is directly comparable to BO, OBIEE and Cognos ... yet.

R and SAS compete for with Pentaho for Data Mining - but not directly as they are pure statistical tools

Having implemented strategic and tactical projects will all three in the last few years, I feel SSIS and Informatica are the only tools that come close to Kettle for traditional ETL - throw Datastage in the mix if you are hardcore IBM (in my opinion, Kettle beats them all handily).

In another role, Kettle is uniquely and particularly valuable for point integration and edge integration projects where ETL is decentralized ... look for more of this as folks finally admit EAI tools are not the swiss army knives of integration that they were sold as.

In most cases, I'll pick the Pentaho suite when someone needs to pay for commercial support (or indemnification) and if not, Jasper for reports, Mondrian for xLAP, R for stats and mining and Kettle for the integration!