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Thread: Crontab is not working

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    Default Crontab is not working

    Hi All,

    I created a job to run my transformation and it is working good in kitchen.In order to schedule the job using crontab I created a script as script is also running.My script looks like this

    cd /opt/pdi-open-3.1.0-826 && /rep:dwh /user:admin /pass:admin /dir:/ /job:brand(in single line)

    and I created a crontab for this to execute as

    49 09 * * * "/opt/pdi-open-3.1.0-826/"

    But it is not returning any records.

    Can you please point out what change I have to made to run this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Please give me a solution to my problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by preetha View Post

    Please give me a solution to my problem.


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Or maybe

    since you appear to be running this on Windows. You could be having trouble with the cron service.. Check to make sure that it is actually invoking the script. You could try putting logging statements in the .sh file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by preetha View Post

    49 09 * * * "/opt/pdi-open-3.1.0-826/"

    How do you know she runs Cygwin on MSWindows?

    If she uses the AT command, she may use double-quotes but her syntax is off for AT command.

    I have never seen double-quotes in a typical *nix CRON job.
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    I assume from your post in that you are trying to schedule this on your production system.

    There are some "Gotchas" with running commands in Unix.
    I would recommend getting your Unix admin involved with this, or possibly getting a support contact with Pentaho

    That being said, since you are not redirecting your output from the call to there should be output (it writes a fair bit of output even when it fails) which will likely be in the user's mail. (ie. if this cron is being done under a user "pdi" then look in pdi's mail) That log should provide a bit of assistance in figuring out what needs to be done to fix it.

    Hope that helps!
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    An easier and more proper way to scheduke a PDI job, would be to use the built in scheduler in the START step of the Pentaho Job, then submit the job to the Carte ETL Server.

    Of course you would need to have the Carte ETL Server running. Which is common in many ETL instances.

    With the Pentaho EE version you get a Admin Console to monitor, and administer your ETL jobs as well as view logs and performance statisics in an easy to use web based console.

    Why make things more difficult with cron?

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Probably because the people who spend countless hours in these forums are used to this being the answer:

    Granted, maybe things are improving with the Admin Console in the EE version, I haven't had a chance to play with a working version yet, but cron works and it is what many savvy administrators are used to.

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