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Thread: Why Tomcat?

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    Default Why Tomcat?


    Why Pentaho was moved from jboss to tomcat? What will be its effects on performance?

    Mohammed Masiuddin

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    I'm by now means an expert on application servers and portals, but my own experience showed a distinct performance advantage for Tomcat compared to JBoss.

    Also, you may have noticed that the interface has to use the GWT, and I suspect that it is probably better to use Tomcat than JBoss to do that.

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    There is only one reason: JBoss is god damn slow, eats memory like nothing, and configuring the beast required a PhD in computer science and another one in Black Magic and Arcane Studies.

    The Platform only requires a standard conforming J2EE-Servlet container to run. So we never used anything that required JBoss in the first place. Tomcat is a more lightweight container than JBoss can ever be, and for running servlets, JBoss uses an embedded Tomcat anyway. So the only logical consequence was to strip of the extra fat and to go lightweight.

    If you just compare the startup times between a JBoss installation and a Tomcat installation, you will agree that the difference is noticeable.
    If you want to run on JBoss (maybe you have a supercomputer with 99 CPUs and want to see them burn), then you are still free to make a manual deployment of the pentaho.war in that container.
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    Default Why not Tomcat in the first place?

    I know a lot of us are required to then deploy to some monolithic proprietary JEE suite - AKA 'the real world' - so that we're comfortable that we have a corporate entity to blame - I mean a corporate entity that provides an 800 number to call.

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    That's four reasons, Thomas (assuming Black Magic and Arcane Studies can be done as a dual major).

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