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Thread: Help with Select Dashboard Component

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    Question Help with Select Dashboard Component

    Pentaho 1.7.1
    CDF 2.0.1

    I am using a select component to return a drop down of asset types. The asset type data field is comprised of various formatted character strings. i.e. 1) Type 2) Type Type 3) Type, TYPE and 4) Type, TYPE, Type. With a simple select statement in my xaction, 'undefined' is being returned to the select drop down list and for example data #3 and #4, the second word of the string would be returned to the list i.e. TYPE... I will attach files for a better example. Please help with possible if there's something I have set up wrong, can someone please advise.
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    Hello lkelly,

    The select component need two columns so you should write a query like this and see if this work...

    select distinct 1, assets.assettype as assettype from assets order by assettype

    or instead the one (1) the number you want...

    Carlos E. Garcia
    BI Analyst

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    Thanks Carlos,
    I changed the select as you suggested with two columns (select distinct 1, assets.assettype as assettype from assets order by assettype) and the types were returned as expected.
    I am using this documentation as a reference
    Is there another place where I can find more detailed documentation and examples for the Dashboard Components?


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