I'm using Pentaho 2.0-stable version and receiving this error when trying to open a BIRT report

Error: BIRTReportComponent.ERROR_0016 - Report engine has not been initialized by the BIRT System Listener. Verify that pentaho.xml has an entry for <birt> in the <system-listeners> section. (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.eclipsebirt.BIRTReportComponent)

As I understand, there is no system-listener in pentaho.xml for version 2.0 anymore, and I don't know how to insert the BIRT system listener. I try to add :

<bean id="birtSystemListener" class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.eclipsebirt.BIRTReportComponent" />

in systemListener.xml file, but fail. My guess is that the BIRTReportComponent is no longer there, or it has been changed with something else.

Can anyone help me ?