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Thread: How can we do calculation on time data type column ?

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    Default How can we do calculation on time data type column ?

    I have a employee table like this:
    create employee_table (
    emp_id int(10),
    str_time_in varchar(20),
    str_time_out varchar(30)
    The content example of this table is like this:
    emp_id str_time_in str_time_out
    1 08:10:20 17:20:20

    What I want to do is convert both str_time_in and str_time_out columns to time data type (time_in and time_out) and do substract operation (time_delta = time_out - time_in).
    Finally, all these three columns will be written to a table.
    I managed to convert both str_time_in and str_time_out to columns which are time data type using java script step and store both values to a table, but I don't know how to perform substract operation on both columns and store the result in the same table.
    I know that this sql statement wil produce time_delta
    select subtime(time_out, time_in) from table_output
    But I don't know how to insert/update this on the target table.

    I appreciate your time taking a look at this post and give some advice on this...

    (note: ktr file attached)
    kettle 3.0.4
    windows server 2003
    java 1.5.0_09
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    Hi Nashrul,

    Based on your case, I've created a wiki article answering your question. You can check it in :

    I also attached a ktr file in that article. In additional for that, you can also see how we define date/time format in Kettle in this article :

    It's in Indonesian language as I bet you can understand it



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    Thanks bro for your wonderful articles..
    It really helps..

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    Of-course, date/time differences are easy to calculate with this trick as well:

    Date1 --> Convert to Integer1
    Date2 --> Convert to Integer2

    Calculate the difference in milliseconds:

    DiffMs = Date2 - Date1

    Divide by 1000 to get the difference in Seconds, etc.


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    Hi Matt,

    I never used to convert date to Integer. But have tried it and appears to be simpler.

    Thanks for this useful tip


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