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Thread: getProperties, getPrpoertyValue and getPropertyFormattedValue

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    Default getProperties, getPrpoertyValue and getPropertyFormattedValue

    My name is Juan and I'm a beginner on MDX statement. I have a Dimension with "n" properties. In Microsoft you can use in the MDX query the statement DIMESION PROPERTIES.

    But Mondrian don't use this sentence. Instead it use the following:

    * String getPropertyValue(String);
    * Property[] getProperties();
    * String getPropertyFormattedValue(String);

    My question is, How I use them (specialy geProperties()) to work on my query?

    For example:
    select Hierarchize(Union({[Rendiciones].[Todas las notas]}, [Rendiciones].[Todas las notas].Children)) ON COLUMNS,
    Hierarchize(Union({[Nombres].[Todos los nombres]}, [Nombres].[Todos los nombres].Children)) ON ROWS
    from [Evaluaciones4]

    "Nombres" has 5 properties. I want to show them via a MDX query (or schema setting) ¿How can I show them all?

    Thanks for reading
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    i have the same question,, i want to acces to the propieties, but i cant yet, if someone can, please, tell us...

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    thanl you... i'll read it.

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