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Thread: Analysis frontend written in PHP ?

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    Default Analysis frontend written in PHP ?

    I am looking for a PHP based analysis frontend which can communicate with a mondrian-tomcat instance through XMLA. Is there any such library available ? Even if it is as minimalistic as jPivot, it is still fine.

    Since our website themes, etc. are all built in PHP, writing the same in JSP would be redundant. Hence, such a library would be of immense help to us.

    Also, we would like to skip tomcat and perhaps use jetty as the JSP HTTP server. Is jetty capable of running mondrian ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    We're working on a 2-tier replacement for jPivot. The front-end is currently being developed in GWT, but the backend can expose pretty much any protocol. If you want to help us, you're welcome to do so.

    We could write a backend end-point that speaks JSON or anything you fancy using.

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    Just to complete luc's reply:
    We have a google code project here:
    and a mailing list here:

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