Hi Kettle fans,
Lately we’ve been having a lot of fun and profit from our brand new Hudson continuous build server.

Hudson finally gives us a nice interface to everything build related. Most if not all Pentaho projects are integrated by now, including Pentaho Data Integration / Kettle over here:
It provides you an overview of the latest commits and the build results. Hudson sends us mails in case we “break the build” as they call it. It also executes the unit test cases. It’s been taking a while to make all our test-cases locale and time-zone independent but I think we’re almost there now.
We might no longer have nightly builds, but for our developers we now have a much better tool indeed. A new build 20 minutes after your commit with all the test results nicely indexed, whoot!
Of-course, the downside is that if you screw up, everybody can see it. But I guess it’s important that someone sees the problem, rather than no-one at all. This is open source software after all! We have nothing to hide!
Until next time,