Dear Linux fans,
In a professional environment, you sometimes want to demonstrate some functionality on your local machine to other people in the world.
Up until recently, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do that. Windows works for all desktop sharing solutions, a number work on OSX too, but none on Linux. Of-course, it was possible to share your desktop with a co-worker on the same network, but not out on the internet to a bunch of people.
That latest beta of Yugma 4 changes that by adding support for that to Linux too.
I downloaded the latest installer and installed it.
The installer puts version 3.0 under $HOME/Yugma and 4.0 under $HOME/Yugma/4.0. I then ran:
java -jar Yugma.jar
That is because the default “” didn’t work for some reason (beta, remember!)
After that I could host sessions like on Windows/OSX. Here is a “recursive” picture of a session viewer to my own desktop:

(click on the image to see a larger version)
I see this as another sign that Linux is getting more and more popular.
Until next time,