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Thread: Pentaho Reporting Localization....

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    Default Pentaho Reporting Localization....

    We are using Pentaho 1.7.0, we are trying to Localize reports. and we changed the New_Exemption_v1.1.xml file element like this. I have published in the name of New_Exemption_v1.1, and I am trying to read from file.

    <element type="text/plain">
    <basic-key name="border-top-width">0.0</basic-key>
    <basic-key name="border-top-style">none</basic-key>
    <template references="resource-label">
    <basic-object name="content">report.gryphonApp</basic-object>
    <basic-object name="nullValue">No Key</basic-object>
    <basic-object name="resourceIdentifier">New_Exemption_v1.1</basic-object>


    but I could not read it from file. and also i dont know how to pass locale from application to New_Exemption_v1.1.xaction file.

    Can any one help me to solve this issue... i have demo to client on this next week. So please help me to solve in this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Don't really know what you're talking about above but localizing reports is pretty easy.. if thats all you are looking to do. Check out the Inventory report sample bundled with the steelwheels solution. That report is built with localization.

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