i have installed pentaho 1.7, i'm following the steps found in http://code.google.com/p/pentahoflas...ettingStarted, the OFC i downloaded is pentahoflashchart-samples-0.1-r132.zip but it lacks the open-flash-chart.swf file, so i downloaded openflashchart from the official site and used the following .jar files: pentahoflashchart-0.1-r105.jar

i placed the listener in the pentaho.xml file and once the server reboots y get the following error: [es_49] one or more systemlisteners failed.These are set in the pentaho.xml /the PentahoSystem.error_0011-[es_82] coul not create listener
may anyone point out what i did wrong and provide a link were i can get the swf included component please?, thank you very much in advance