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Thread: JPivot Xaction issue

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    Default JPivot Xaction issue

    I'm running CDF 2.1-RC1 and Pentaho 2.0

    I've got a bar chart that I create using an xaction and I pass to that xaction a couple of variables. What I want to do when I click on the bar chart is call a JPivot xaction with those variables as parameters to the JPivot xaction. Here is my bar chart xml code

      <chart-background type="color">#FFFFFF</chart-background>  
      <plot-background type="color">#EEEEEE</plot-background>  
    <title><![CDATA[Top 5 Salesperson by Sales]]></title>
    out_mdxtime and out_mdxcompany are output variables I created from my input variables that I passed to the bar chart xaction.

    Anyway, what's happening when I run this is I get a window that says, Action Successful and it lists some of the properties of the JPivot xaction, but I never see a grid.

    Can someone tell me what I'm missing or if I'm even calling this correctly?

    Here is the URL from the window
    I noticed that the variables I passed to MDX_TIME and MDX_COMPANY didn't resolve correctly either (out_mdxtime and out_mdxcompany should be actual values). Any ideas on this?

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