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Thread: Enterprise vs Community Editions

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    Default Enterprise vs Community Editions

    I am trying to understand the level of instability of community releases. I'm looking to support an open source BI / Report system. I normally would only sell to my clients a supported version, but what if I needed to start them on the community releases. Is it wise to put that into any company except for pure test / development / review?

    Most of my experience is with commercial BI tools (we were a Bus Obj var). I don't want to place my client at risk, nor get into a mess with something I can't fix.

    Any insight will be welcome.


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    The only "risk" in using the community edition is that you can't rely on Pentaho's support team to solve your problems (and in my experience they do so in a quick and helpful way), so you have to rely on your own abilities and/or the help of the community.

    Other that that, the platform will be as stable as it gets provided you use the GA versions. Subscription editions are supposed to have some speed optimizations, but I don't know enough about that as to elaborate.


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