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Thread: Spurious messages on ERROR channel on unix?

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    Default Spurious messages on ERROR channel on unix?


    If i redirect the error output from kettle to a log file i get a load of these:

    (via a command like

    ./ .... 2>/tmp/err.log

    [DS]Getting Connection for url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@servername:1521:DATAB
    Now; They dont seem to be errors to me, is it just some logging that was left behind somewhere?

    Ideally i'd only like genuine exceptions and errors to go to that log, so i can check it afterwards - if it's 0 bytes then i can ignore and carry on.

    For now i can just grep -v those rows!


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    Raise a JIRA... supply your full stack trace, possibly supply a patch


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    Ok, have done. It's pretty minor!

    b.t.w. there is no stack trace.

    I just downloaded the source and searched for [DS] as well as "Getting Connection for url" and couldnt find either. How odd..

    It can't be from the jdbc driver can it?

    No it's not the jdbc driver, as it affects report designer too:

    So i guess some shared code between the two...

    ah; It's simple-jndi:
    //System.err.println("[DS]Getting Connection for url: " + tmpUrl);

    But it's commented out
    So i guess it's just a case of it needing upgrading in the kettle packages...
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