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Thread: Running Transformations via HTTP call or as service

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    Default Running Transformations via HTTP call or as service

    I have created a Pentaho job which basically accepts the XML as parameter. Now I have to call this JOB from another application which will pass the XML into this job and do the transformation for it.
    Problem: How can I convert this JOB into Service that it can be called over HTTP as service. I should be able to pass XML as argument into it. I donot need web service. Simple HTTP rest service will work also. MY XML size is big more that 400 lines.

    I want to host this service on my local desktop. there is no remote server for it.
    One of the option I have found is Carte server to run the job as service.
    I have tried it but I am not able to register my job into Carte service.
    I am not using any repository. One of the solution suggested to me to register by Matt is

    It reads a TransConfiguration in XML. (use: toXML(), fromXML())
    I don't know what is the format for TransConfiguration and how to create that ?

    I will appreciate if somebody can provide me simple step by step instructions for it. I have spend too much time on it.
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    We also have a requirement for a similar use case : Exposing the Transformation via a web service. Carte exposes the ability to start/ stop jobs / transformations. It does not provide the functionality to read the input parameters over HTTP (SOAP). That would a feature request.
    Having this functionality would help in integrating the ETL capabilities of Pentaho with external applications / BPM systems (Tibco iProcess Suite, etc).

    btw, TransConfiguration contains the Transformation Metadata, and that is not what you should be looking at to pass your XML input.

    Some docs about Carte :

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