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Thread: put parameter to string

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    Default put parameter to string


    I need to put to my stream 2 additional fields. These 2 additional fields are from Get Variables Step, i.e. at this way I try to use my Parameter from outside, i.e. from I need these 2 parameters in the next Step from type “Filter rows”.

    How can I put to my stream 2 additional fields, mentioned above? I get always the warning:

    “We detected rows with varying number of fields, this is not allowed in a transformation. The first row contained 16 fields, another one contained 2 :…” Then the stream after that is wrong…

    Thank you in advice!
    Regards P.

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    Feed the rows into "Get Variables" or use a "Join Rows" step

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    Thank you!

    It works!

    ( --> I connected just my stream to "Get Variables" and then "Get Variables" step to the next step ("Filter Row") i.e. "Get Variables" comes between 2 steps in my stream )


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