Hi kettle devs,
We are looking at a use case where a kettle
transformation needs to be exposed as a webservice which would be used
in a request - response scenario. It is in the lines of the Kettle
JDBC driver where the transformation output RowSet can be accessed via
a sql query.

The approach that I am following is to generate an
AXIS web service by reading the Transformation Metadata.
Since the web service operation signature, the Web Service class (and
hence the WSDL) for every transform would vary based upon the Input
Row Metadata and the Output Row Metadata, I am planning to use a code
generator to generate the Web Service Class and then use AXIS
java2wsdl library functions to generate the Web Service WSDL and WSDD.

Is there anything similar already being
developed / in the road map. Does the approach make sense ?

Any suggestions, comments and brickbats are welcome

Vijay A

PS: there was one thread for this use case in the forum :
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