Dear Kettle devs,

The period that development on 3.2.0 slowly winds down and we shift to bug-squashing mode is usually a good time to stabilize PDI and release a Release Candidate.
So somewhere in the middle of next week we're planning to release 3.2.0-RC1.. Around the end of March, early April we should have a GA release on our hands.

The "What's new in PDI version 3.2" page has been started and will be updated around the RC1 release date. Your help is welcome to help create it.

Can I ask you to finalize your work in progress and to stop adding "new features" before RC1? Thanks in advance for your understanding and kind help.

Thank you to all involved for helping us make yet another great release possible!

Kind regards,

Matt Casters
Chief Data Integration
mcasters (AT) pentaho (DOT) org
Fonteinstraat 70, 9400 OKEGEM - Belgium - Cell : +32 486 97 29 37
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5950 Hazeltine National Drive, Suite 340 • Orlando, FL 32822, USA
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