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Thread: date calculation

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    Default date calculation

    1)How to do (present date - 3days)? Is it possible to use DateDiff function in script?
    Need to get the format in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss .

    2)I am using Sys info in all the tranformation to load current timestamp into the tables(Table output).
    Will this object cause any performance issue?Is it better to use sysdate in scripts?

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    1. What do you mean is it possible to use DateDiff? Did you try it and it didn't work? More details. The Calculator step also has date functions to do things like this.

    2. System Info is a very fast step. It should always be the better choice over using JS code in a JS step.

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    Solved it!

    d1 = time.getDate();

    var d2 = dateAdd(d1,"d",-15);

    Never thought of using Add function to subtract

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