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Thread: Please help with variable

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    Unhappy Please help with variable

    Hello everybody,

    I'm getting mad trying to work with variables.
    My problem seems to be rather simple.
    I have a counter stocked in a table :

    • I create a SQL script job entry to get the current value of my counter :
      SELECT current FROM SequenceNo
    • I want to use the result of this query in the following job entry as the initial value of a sequence step.

    I'm playing unsuccessfully with the "SET_VARIABLES" job entry since 1 day now...
    If I create a variable with a numeric value, no problem my sequence step work is correctly initialized. My problem is how to assign to this variable the result of the SQL query ?

    I hope that if I can get this step working correctly I will be able to update my sequence table at the end of the job...

    Thank you for your attention,

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    Don't use a job for that.... use a transformation... table input with your query with a hop to a set variables step (with scope set to root job e.g.). Execute transformation in a job and afterwards in that job you can use the variable.


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    Thank you very much, Sboden, for your for your very quick answer.
    I follow your instructions and it works perfectly now !!!


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