Hello All,

I would firstly thank mr. Mark for suggesting me some link related to my previous query.

I worked in this tool... I got how foolowing things are done:
1. Import the csv files.

2. Convert the csv files into ARFF (Attribute relation file format)

3. Applying the filters if needed..
QUERY - "i just wanted to know whether the visualize in the preprocess given is the graphical representation of the input file.Then how will it differ from final output graphical representation. i,am not getting it!"

4. I know to apply the classifier algorithms and i got the classifier output... i know to calculate the different errors.
QUERY :- after that what... What is the next step to be done....? i.e after getting the classifier output.

5. The same problem with cluster and associate tabs. I got to interpret the stastical values. How i got these values.but i,am not able to interpret the graphical represenation.
QUERY - "I,am getting the visulizaton curves, but how how to go further is what my question is.?

I request you all those who will go through this thread to please post some relevant reply for the same.

Thank you.