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    does anyone know how I can set a column's width in ad hoc reports (or in metadata editor)?

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    For what it's worth, I tried adding the Column Width pre-defined property in the metadata editor and it seems to be ignored by Ad-Hoc.

    It wouldn't be so bad (for me) if the widths were determined by column content, but it seems to just divide the width up by number of columns, in most cases that I've played with so far it's worthless. So, for now, I export to A0 paper size and to Excel where I adjust columns. A lot of work to overcome something that one might think could be automated in the generator logic.

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    The column-width property of the business-column should be picked up by the adhoc reporting service. If it doesnt, then its a bug. What is the exact version of the BI-server you are using?
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