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Thread: Still problems with using sub-transformations more than once

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    Default Still problems with using sub-transformations more than once

    With all my problems in I thought I had now the solution with the included transformations, but now checking the data we find a curious thing. In each later substitution of an SBID in the same column in this example ar_ordner OSBID and RESSBID we receive the result from the first substitution. Does the first sub-transformation leave data somewhere, that the second and third sub-transformation use instead of really doing their own work?
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    Listen Holger, no offense but these are just horrible use-cases. They're impossible to use/verify. Why don't you simplify things a bit and attach a real use-case to the JIRA case?

    Reminder: Don't use any database connections/tables/columns unless we have access to them. (we usually don't )


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    I have now added a transformation without tables to the JIRA case. But it runs into another problem I ran into before getting to this error. The transformation tells me it is still running eventhough nothing is happening anymore. And one of the operators says that it has written 20003 lines.

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