Thanks for any help or suggestions you have. I hope this is something simple.

I have just switched from kettle 4.2 to 5.4.0 and am now experiencing strange behaviour with scheduled jobs.

I have a number of jobs that have been running successfully for several years now on v4.2. These jobs are run at server startup and are scheduled in the job start step as interval jobs that run every few minutes (supposedly forever). I tested these jobs on the new version and found very little issues. When I replaced the old version of software everything worked fine but only for a while.

The problem is that randomly (1day2hrs or 4day5hrs etc.) and after a dependant transformation has completed the job decides to exit/stop rather than start another run after the interval has passed. The logs show the last job cycle finishes without error and as expected, after this there are a few lines showing when the job started when it finished and how many seconds it had been running.
It acts as if an abort step has been triggered or the stop button pressed but that would show in the logs.

The jobs are run on a Windows server using the kitchen command line argument. A scheduled vbscript runs the batch files as background processes. The server vbscript and batch files have not been altered other than to include the 5.4.0 exe file path.