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Thread: vs pentaho.solutionpath

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    Default vs pentaho.solutionpath

    hello all,
    This is actually a problem from Pentaho 1.2/Kettle 2.5, but may still exist in future versions --

    When working with Spoon, you can use the 'Internal.Job.Filename.Directory' to keep things relative in the JOB (KJB) when defining the location of a TRANSFORMATION (KTR).

    However, when you deploy the job to Pentaho, Pentaho doesn't use the above, instead it uses 'pentaho.solutionpath'. from what I recall, Kettle 2.5 does not understand pentaho.solutionpath.

    Is this still a problem? If so:

    *Enhancement: Kettle to support 'pentaho.solutionpath' internal file name in a job when defining where KTR files exist relatively. Note that the filename is actually '%%pentaho.solutionpath%% in my old jobs.

    take care,

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    I think it did support solutionpath if you made a small tweak in a file somewhere.

    Personally I don't like mixing stuff that much... that's just me


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    I remember messing with the Kettle Component to make those relative paths work. Would be interested to see a JIRA case if it still was a problem though.

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