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Thread: Select Value (Meta data tab format issue)

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    Question Select Value (Meta data tab format issue)

    Hi all,

    the i have a excel input step in which i have all field as strings(as i read more then one sheet)

    in some string field i have numbers being entred.

    So ".0" is appending on the field. to over come that i use format in excel input as #... but if i do this values in some other sheet is becoming # ( say where date has been entered)..

    so i thought that i will use this # format at select value after filtering the sheets.

    but this format in Meta data tab is not working .. the junk .0 still exists.

    can any one suggest any work arount for this.

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    It all depends... as internal representation the .0 would be normal if your type is right. So try output your data to a text file e.g. and see what that gives.

    If you have different types of data in the same columns in different sheets then you have a problem of course, but that's not related to the .0


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    thanks.. but.. i think i will throw mod java script "MY trump card" for these problems..

    or design the sheet in such a way this wont happen



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