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Thread: Client server architecture?

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    Default Client server architecture?

    Hi all,

    I am new to pentaho data integrator. we are evaluating it for use.
    Does it have a client server architecture? Basically we want flexibility to run job from any desktop machine(client tool), the job should run in a decicated box(server machine) and anyone having client and access should be able to monitor/stop/rerun the job.


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    pstoellberger Guest


    Wiki about Pentaho Data Integration:
    Carte ETL Webserver Application:
    Slave Server/Remote Execution:

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    Hi All,
    I am trying to setup the Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) into Client-server and i have been following the steps from here
    The Server side setting says that i have to make changes in the carte.bat file and i have done as the steps says. (Atleast i think so !!). I then have to run the Carte.bat file and check the server status on my web page.But the server, i.e, the carte.bat file doesn't start in the first place and hence the status web page is not loading.
    I am using the following URL : localhost:8086/kettle/status
    and the changes i made in the last line of carte.bat file are as below. Please tell where i went wrong and what is to be done.
    REM *********** REM ** Run... ** REM ***********
    cd /D %CWD% "%_PENTAHO_JAVA%" %OPT% -jar "%KETTLE_DIR%\launcher\pentaho-application-launcher-5.0.1-stable.jar" -main start /belownormal javaw %OPT% org.pentaho.di.www.Carte.localhost:8086%*

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    I am setting up a new Pentaho DI 5.3 Installation. The Server is installed in Linux Box. Dev Team have Installed Pentaho Client Tools in Windows 7 Virtual Machine. Created Repository connecting to Server and all development are done in Repository.

    This is the issue I am facing:- I have a File Location in UNIX Server /xxx/xxx where I will get and place all files from FTP Server. How do I connect to this Unix Location from Windows Client?

    I tried reading the files using Text File Input giving the Unix Location directly and using Kettle Variables, But getting Error:- ****"Could not list the contents of "file:///C:/xxx/xxx" because it is not a folder."**** Does not recognize it as a Unix location.

    I know I can use SSHGet and write a shell script, what are the other options that I have? && If I write a shell script, how will I give the location of script (if I am placing the script in UNIX Server /xxx/xxx).

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