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Thread: Extracting mails from POP server

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    Default Extracting mails from POP server


    I am trying to extract mails from my enterprise pop server and it didn't work (I tried on 3.1 RC,3.2 RC and 3.1.3 versions), i have this error:
    Erreur: Connect failed, I am certain that I didn't do any mistake on the server adress nor user or password.(I tried with and without SSL )

    I also tried with hotmail and gmail POP servers (with both SSL conexion socket 995 for and i also have the same error.

    I tried then to send mails using SMTP servers of the 3, only my enterprise server works (without authentification) the others did this error :
    Problem while sending message: javax.mail.MessagingException: Exception reading response;
    nested exception is: Connection reset
    The sockets are good because if change them i have an SMTP error.

    my jobs are only Start/send or retreive/Success.

    I work for 2 days on these problems and i have no more ideas. Is anyone already success or did i miss somethig important ?

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