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Thread: Getting started - some irregularities

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    Default Getting started - some irregularities

    Hi Guys,

    I started a fairly standard ETL job in SSIS (2008) to see what it is like and how it would affect the budgeted hours for our project. After about a week and a half I gave up in disgust, loaded PDI (3.1) and tried again. (My Dev machine was a XP Pro, SP3 notebook.)

    I had no experience in either product (I have a data stage background) but had a completed ETL in half the time with PDI, whereas the SSIS result was still not complete.

    This feedback caused the powers at be to ask that we do the entire cleansing and migration job in PDI.

    The project Dev/Prod environment is Windows 2003 EE Server (64-bit) (SP2) . I loaded the 64-bit JRE 1.6 (13) but PDI did not see/recognise the installation. I then installed the 32-bit version of JRE which worked. (The 64-bit version is still installed.)

    I wanted to test the evironment and noticed a number of display irregularities. For example when pre-viewing data "get xml data", random numbers and/or random text are populated in various columns. This also happens when viewing input/output columns. The transformation executes sucessfully without any data errors. So I presume it is only a display thing.

    The other irregularity that I picked up when going from XP Pro to Win 2003 EE Server was that the file/excel output stage started giving me the "file specifications are not checked" problem, discussed at length in this thread

    I did manage to get rid of it by redirecting the output to a "Table Output" stage and deleting the Excel output stage. I ran the job and then re-introduced the Excel output stage and left the "Table Output" doing nothing (i.e. as a third hop after a filter rows stage). This then worked without problems, but as soon as I wanted to add the date and time to the filename by selecting the checkboxes, the "file specifications are not checked" error was back and I have not been able to replicate the "fix/work-around".

    My question is, is this behaviour normal, or does it point to problems with my installation which will come back to bite me later?

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    And you have a small text xls file + the complete trace messages you got.


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    Default Baffled

    Hi Sven,

    The Excel test file is an export of all my contacts. So just text, but it does include special characters (ë, ê, etc).

    Yes, sorry, I forgot to include the error log.

    The part that baffles me is that when I tried to generate the log file for you, the job executes without any errors despite the fact that it gives the "file specifications not checked" remark when verifying the transformation. I can check the include date + time check boxes and everything works! Previously when I got the "file specifications not checked" remark, the job would fall over when trying to create the file according to the error log.

    Then, I also tried to show a colleague of mine the weird display errors that I was getting but those also seemed to have "fixed" itself...

    The server wasn't rebooted. I connect to it via MS Remote Desktop Connection.

    The things that changed from yesterday when I got the errors are;
    - I set up PDI to use a repository.
    - I used SSIS to profile a test table that a PDI loaded into a SQL Server 2008 table.
    - I had rebooted my notebook which I use to connect to the server.

    So sorry about this, but these errors persisted the whole of yesterday. On different transformations.

    When it happens again I will post a screen shot and/or the error log. It was just very worry-some to get these errors after I convinced management that PDI will do a better job than SSIS


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