The Pentaho BI Suite is a collection of software that can do some amazing things. It is not just an application that "does something" that can be easily explained. It consists of a suite of tools and technologies that can be used alone or in combination to build BI solutions. Tools that a user can use to collect, transform, describe and store data. Technology that lets you add structure and relationships to that data in order to make it easier to analyze. There are applications for formatting, presenting and distributing the data as things like reports, charts and spreadsheets. There is even software that will analyze your data and help find hidden relationships. Lots of capabilities to try to explain to people with wildly different skills and needs.

Our crack documentation guy, Jem "I'll delete your wiki comments" Matzan, may have broken the evaluation barrier with the first ever* Installation and Evaluation coloring book. Pentaho top management exclaimed "...something this obviously valuable should be reserved for Enterprise Edition customers." Well, it took calling in some favors and a lot of behind the scenes deal making but I just received approval from "Pentaho Towers" to make it available to the open source community.

I haven't read completely through the document, but from what I have seen so far...
Great job Jem!!

You can download The Pentaho BI Suite 3.0 Installation and Evaluation Coloring Book here.

* I have not validated this claim