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Thread: Minimum JDBC version for Generic DB

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    Default Minimum JDBC version for Generic DB

    Hi all...

    I'm not sure this is the right place to be asking this, but I'm wondering if there's any specification as to the minimum JDBC version for a Generic DB driver.

    I have a JDBC jar which is apparently JDBC 2.5 compliant, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get PDI to work with it.

    As it's a 3rd Party "billable" file, I can't post it here for the developers to work with
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    All JDBC versions should work.
    However, usually the lower quality or lesser used drivers out there don't implement half of the required methods. So in order to get it to work you usually have to work with us, file a JIRA case, give details on what doesn't work, etc.


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    Also watchout for any 'extras' it may ship, my Progress drivers have a couple of dll's with them to make sure they only work on Windows
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    The vendor reported that apparently quite a few PDI users have reported issues with it, in that PDI is expecting JDBC3.0 catalog layout.
    There's something funky about it all really... since even the reflection isn't working.

    At this point, I'm working with another developer here to see if we can build a custom shim... dump the DB to CSV, and then use PDI to work it from there.

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